As most DHer’s are aware of, there has been a constant debate over how much control computers and the digital world have on innovative learning. Some believe that students should be able to learn without the overwhelming force that the digital world has. Thus, teachers have been creating new ways in which there is a happy marriage between the traditional forms of pedagogy, and the digital.

Instructors such as Mark Sample argue that we need to teach students about writing, research, revising and engagement without using the essay that, in some, does not allow the student to learn everything that they should. Sample urges the notion of “public writing” and “creative analysis” where students post blogs online that contain more than just text (images, sounds, objects, etc.).

In order to move away from the casualness that blog posts typically have, student and/or class newspapers might be the solution. There are multiple websites that offer free templates for newspapers in which users can create their own traditional-looking newspaper and both post it and/or print it for public display. Because blog posts are typically not printed out for public consumption, the newspaper format allows the student to go through the revising, editing, and formatting processes much more seriously, because, once the newspaper is printed and distributed, it cannot be edited like the casual blog post. However, newspapers can still contain images and creative qualities that the former essay cannot. Therefore, the newspaper might just be the bridge that the print and digital world need.

Here are some websites that can be used to create newspapers:

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