Adeline Koh from “Introducing Digital Humanities Work to Undergraduates” argues that “you and your students are all already digital humanists, because you all use technology in your daily lives.” Although there may be a sharper divide between digital humanists work and just simply using technology, she does make a point that we may be more organically accustom to using DH tools than we are aware of.

Koh gives multiple examples of incorporating DH tools in the classroom for beginners, such as Wordle, Google maps, and Wikipedia.

In addition to these ideas, another engaging activity for undergraduates would be Pinterest. For example, what would Robinson Crusoe’s Pinterest board look like? What would he pin?

Taking this idea a step further; it’s one level of engagement to ask a student to pin things on Pinterest. It’s another to ask them to give adequate explanations or support from the text to help explain why Crusoe would pin certain items.

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