In the digital age, it’s virtually possible to communicate with almost anyone around the world thus creating a never-ending network of people. For an undergraduate class, I entered data into a software called Gephi that created a visual network/graph, connecting people in ways I would have never guessed. I entered data on character interactions from the novel Tropic of Orange by Karen Tei Yamashita (an incredible book I may add and recommend). After my network was visualized, I was able to understand certain aspects of the novel, for example, just because a character dies, it does not mean that their character dies out of the book. One specific character, who died early on in the book, still had heavy interaction throughout the rest of the novel through other characters thoughts and memories. Here was my network:

Tropic of Orange network image

The characters at the center of the graph are the primary characters. The thicker the connecting line, the more each character interacted with the other.

What would Robinson Crusoe’s network look like?