Use this spreadsheet on Inspire Lab’s Google drive to sign up to prepare and deliver a presentation with another classmate.

Please see my ENG 7360 Notes on Collaborative Presentations (added 9/15/17) in order to clarify the expectations for and nature of this assignment.

Collaborative presentations will kick off the second half of class sessions starting in Week 3 by introducing two critical preoccupations with the assigned primary texts as evidenced by recently published scholarship (within roughly the last decade). In other words, you and your peer will do research to discover what trends have emerged in recent peer-reviewed articles, essays, and monographs on the week’s assigned novel and present this information to the class. Your presentation (which should be no more than 5 uncrowded PowerPoint slides) will:

  • identify (and when necessary) define the key terms or concepts with which recent scholarship on the assigned text has engaged,
  • provide relevant passages from published scholarship that illustrates its arguments, and
  • include 2 new discussion questions on the final slide(s) that bring the students’ sources together with the week’s assigned texts and, if possible, build upon or synthesize (but do not merely reproduce) questions already available on the course Google doc.

Please make sure your presentation is accessible on the cloud or a thumb drive prior to class. You also need prepare, print, and circulate hard copies of a bibliography (in current MLA style) that cites the sources you reference in your presentation.

Because it may be necessary to ILL or OhioLINK materials for your presentation, you should begin preparing two weeks in advance. Editions used in this course also include helpful bibliographies.