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Week 1
M 1/11: Introductions / Overview of Course
*Begin Daily Journal on 1/12
W 1/13: Excerpt from John Milton, Paradise Lost (on course reserves)
Excerpt from Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction (on course reserves)
F 1/15: Meet the graduate students from ENG 7350 who will be assisting with the course
Think Tank Lab

Week 2
M 1/18: No Class (MLK Day)
W 1/20: Jonathan Swift, “A Description of a City Shower” (on course reserves)
Excerpt from Alan Weisman, The World Without Us (on course reserves)
F 1/22: Guest Lecture: Professor David Dominic

Week 3
M 1/25: Excerpt from James Thomson, The Seasons (on course reserves)
Excerpt from Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything (on course reserves)
W 1/27: Monastersky, Richard. “The Human Age.” (link is here)
Byron, Lord George Gordon. “Darkness.” (on course reserves)
F 1/29: Guest Lecture: Professor Gillen Wood
*Attend Professor Wood’s public lecture at 3:30pm in Millett Atrium

Week 4
M 2/1: Lecture
Listen to this podcast about Robinson Crusoe
Read Wikipedia page for Robinson Crusoe
W 2/3: Robinson Crusoe (4-32)
F 2/5: Robinson Crusoe (32-61)
Think Tank Lab

Week 5
M 2/8: Robinson Crusoe (61-89)
W 2/10: Robinson Crusoe (89-117)
F 2/12: Tour STAC (WSU Libraries — meet in room 315 in the library)

Week 6
M 2/15: Robinson Crusoe (117-145)
Guest Lecture: Professor David Dominic
W 2/17: Robinson Crusoe (145-173)
F 2/19: Robinson Crusoe (173-201)
Think Tank Lab

Week 7
M 2/22: Robinson Crusoe (201-229)
W 2/24: Robinson Crusoe (229-258)
F 2/26: Please read through Defoe’s The Storm (available here without eighteenth-century typography; available in its eighteenth-century form on course reserves). I don’t expect you to read all of it (it’s long!), but to skim through it, find sections you’re interested in, and come prepared to ask questions that Professor Kareem and I will try to answer.
Guest Lecture: Professor Sarah Tindal Kareem
*Attend Professor Tindal Kareem’s public lecture at 3:30pm in Millett Atrium

Week 8
M 3/7: Lecture
Listen to this podcast about Frankenstein
Read Frankenstein, “Introduction” (i-li)
W 3/9: Frankenstein (2-21)
F 3/11: Frankenstein (21-42)
Think Tank Lab

Week 9
M 3/14: Using complete sentences, type your answers in to complete this form; print and bring it in to class to turn in for feedback.
Frankenstein (42-63)
W 3/16: Frankenstein (63-84)
F 3/18: Frankenstein (84-105)
Think Tank Lab

Week 10
M 3/21: Frankenstein (105-26)
W 3/23: Frankenstein (126-147)
F 3/25: Frankenstein (147-168)
Think Tank Lab

Week 11
M 3/28: Frankenstein (168-191)
W 3/30: TBA
F 4/1: Work day – Professor at professional conference. Use this time to prepare work on your final project.

Week 12
M 4/4: Leigh Hunt, “A Now” (link is here; read both essays – one is about a hot day; one is about a cold day (pages 146-153)
W 4/6: Percy Bysshe Shelley, Journal entry and “Mont Blanc” (link to ShelleyMBJournal)
F 4/8: Guest Lecture: Professor Noah Heringman
*Attend Professor Heringman’s public lecture at 3:30pm in Millett Atrium

Week 13
M 4/11: Workshop: Posters
W 4/13: Work Day – Use class time to complete final project.
F 4/15: Think Tank Lab

Week 14
M 4/18: Workshop: Reflection Essays
W 4/20: Review
F 4/22: Turn in Journals, Posters, and Final Projects (with Reflection Essay)

Finals Week:
Attend Poster Display in Millett 4th floor Atrium