Due: T 12/13 2:45pm in class in hard copy

For your final project in the course, you should create a mixtape with 8-10 tracks based on one of the poems assigned in the class. In other words, you’ll try to capture the feel, meaning, context, and/or significance of a single poem by putting together a list of 8-10 songs (your choice) that seem relevant and related to your chosen poem.

You’ll title your mixtape simply: “Title of Poem” (date of first publication or composition) by [Author’s First and Last Name].

Example: “Anecdote of the Jar” (1919) by Wallace Stevens.

You’ll need to create/design cover art for your mixtape, and you may choose to use either the dimensions of a cassette tape, a cd, or a record. Look your desired dimensions up on the internet. Your cover art can be created digitally (recommended) or by hand, but it should be the right size either way. You should avoid infringing on anyone’s copyright (which means your cover art needs to be original in some form, whether that means drawing or collage or whatever). Your cover art needs to include the title of your mixtape. Your cover art should look and feel as professional as you can make it.

You may incorporate your track listing into your cover art or print it on the back of your cover art (no handwritten track lists, unless you’ve got an entire aesthetic feel that makes the handwritten track list work). Your track list should be formatted accordingly: “Title of Song” by [Artist] (minutes/seconds (formatted as 3:45)).

Example: “Not the Red Baron” by Tori Amos (3:49)

When in doubt, follow the models available on standard music services like iTunes or Spotify. You should also include your name on your project: either as part of the cover art or with the track listing, if it’s on the back.

This should be a fun, exciting project that allows you to think critically and deeply about a poem and to bring your taste in music (and your interest in expanding that taste) to bear on reading and interpreting poetry. It is also an opportunity for you to bring your visual taste to the table, since you’ll design the cover art for your mix tape, too.

You’ll provide me with a hard copy of your album cover art/track list, and I will photograph it and include in an online gallery. I’d like to keep a hard copy of your work, but if it is truly one-of-a-kind, you can arrange to pick it up from my office in Spring 2017.