Course Schedule:

Week 5: Back to Politics and Revolution, briefly

Th 2/14: Milton, Areopagitica (excerpt) A918-A932

Week 6: The Enlightenment

T 2/19: Lecture for Unit 2 (The Enlightenment)
Cavendish, “A World Made by Atoms” (available as PDF)
Cavendish, “All Things Are Governed by Atoms” (available as PDF)
Cavendish, “Of Many Worlds in This World” (available as PDF)

Th 2/21: Pope, Essay on Man (excerpt) A1406-A1410
Defoe, A True Relation of the Apparition…A1209-1213

Week 7: The Enlightenment, continued, with quick review of Romanticism

T 2/26: Swift, Gulliver’s Travels (excerpt, available as a PDF)
Wordsworth, “The Tables Turned” B144
Review: Reflection Essay Assignment
Review: Exam 1

Th 2/28: Exam 1
*1st reflection essay essay due

Week 8: The Rise of the Middle Class

T 3/12: Lecture for Unit 4 (The Rise of the Middle Class)
Defoe, Robinson Crusoe (excerpt from Ch. 4) A1218-1228

Th 3/14: Cowper, The Task Book I A1572-A1575

Week 9: The Rise of the Middle Class, continued

T 3/19: Duck, “The Thresher’s Labor” (online)
Blake, “The Chimney Sweeper” B65 & “The Chimney Sweeper” B68
Swift, “A City Shower” A1257

Th 3/21: Professor presenting paper at professional conference; use this time to prepare the reading for 3/26.

Week 10: Gender and Marriage

T 3/26:Carlyle, “Captains of Industry” B566-570
Dickens, “Key-Note” B592-594

Th 3/28: Lecture for Unit 5 (Gender and Marriage)
*1st of 3 opportunities to turn in a reflection essay
Eliza Haywood, Fantomina A1431-A1450

Week 11: Gender and Marriage, continued

T 4/2: Swift, “The Lady’s Dressing Room” A1260-1262
Montagu, “Reasons that Induced Dr. Swift…” A1426-A1427

Th 4/4: Radcliffe, The Mysteries of Udolpho(excerpt) (available as PDF)
Wollstonecraft, Vindication (excerpt) B85-B102

Week 12: Gender and Marriage, continued; Colonialism and Slavery

T 4/9: Austen,Pride and Prejudice (excerpt) B224-B230
Rosetti, “Goblin Market” B810- B817

Th 4/11: Lecture for Unit 6 (Colonialism and Slavery)
*2ndof 3 opportunities to turn in a reflection essay
Jefferson, “Declaration” A1564-1567
Thomson, “Rule Britannia” A1475

Week 13: Colonialism and Slavery, continued

T 4/16: Behn, Oroonoko A1106-A1142

Th 4/18: Wheatley, “On Being Brought from Africa to America” (available as PDF)
Cugoano, Thoughts and Sentiments B347

Week 14: Colonialism and Slavery, continued

T 4/23: The History of Mary Prince B264-279
Exam 2 review

Th 4/25: Exam 2
*3rdof 3 opportunities to turn in a reflection essay

Finals Week: Final Projects and their flyers will be due in a show-and-tell presentation held during the course’s final exam period.