Click here to access the report form for this assignment: ReportTemplatefor4200.

For each novel assigned in this course, we will collaboratively add to a google doc the following:

  • 3 key discussion questions about the assigned text (useful also as a starting point for critical essay)
  • 5 important secondary sources (articles, monographs, or collected essays found in the library or through the library’s databases) that are useful for answering the key discussion questions, summarized (250 words, each) and cited in MLA format
  • a list of at least 5 important objects in the text, with reference to/transcriptions of relevant page numbers and passages
  • 2 viable claim-statements that are related but offer opposed readings or interpretations of the text’s representation(s) of objects.

We will also work collaboratively during the first week of class to create three overall discussion questions and a list of key terms based on reading some key critical texts.

You should plan to consult and make contributions to this document regularly. Contributions make take the form of additions as well as edits, but you should make sure that you are not just editing but actively taking on responsibility for adding, too; I also recommend that you don’t colonize just one aspect of the document.

At the end of the semester, you will prepare a report for me summarizing your contribution to the document over the course of the entire semester. You will explain, for example, that you added [x] and [y] objects to the entry for [author, title]; or provided [a] and [b] sources to the entry for [author, title]; or wrote the summary for , or discussion questions [#] and [#] for [author, title]. I will use this report to determine your grade. I recommend that you keep a tracker in your commonplace book that records your contributions to the document.

In order to receive a C on this assignment, you’ll need to

  • make one substantial contribution during the first week of class, and
  • one substantial contribution per week for at least 8 out of the 9 following weeks during which we’re scheduled to discuss novels (for a total of 9 substantial contributions).

A substantial contribution entails either A) writing a required component (a discussion question, a key term’s definition, a summary of a secondary source, an object with the relevant passages, a claim or counterclaim) or B) significantly revising, editing, and cleaning up at least two entries already written. Students who let two weeks go by without contributing to the document (or who complete 7 or fewer substantial contributions) will receive a grade of D. Students who complete between 9 and 11 substantial contributions will receive a grade of B. Students who demonstrate a sustained commitment to creating an excellent document and who complete 12 or more substantial contributions will receive a grade of A.