(subject to change)

Week 1 Th 9/1: Introductions and Overview of Course

Michael Bérubé, “The Humanities Declining?
William Chace, “The Decline of the English Department
Rethinking the Master’s Degree for the 21st Century
Zerubavel, The Clockwork Muse
Prepare to have completed reading Frankenstein by 9/15

Week 2 Th 9/8: The Way We’re Reading Now

Jane Gallop, “Close Reading in 2009” (course reserves)
Sharon Marcus and Stephen Best, “Surface Reading” (course reserves)
Felski, excerpt from The Limits of Critique (course reserves)
Prepare to have completed reading Frankenstein by 9/15

Week 3 Th 9/15: Discussion: Frankenstein

Clark, “Frankenstein; or, the Modern Protagonist”
Crimmins, “Mediation’s Sleight of Hand”
Burgess, “Transporting Frankenstein
Booth 3.1.3; 3.2; 3.3; 3.4; 5.1; 6.5 and pages 66-67

Week 4 Th 9/22: Professor giving PK presentation

You’re welcome to attend; details here.

Week 5 Th 9/29: Crafting Academic Arguments

DNB entry for Mary Shelley
Birkenstein and Graff, They Say / I Say
Booth 7.2; 7.3; 7.5; 8.2; 12 (entire); 13 (entire)
Strunk and White, Elements of Style

Week 6 Th 10/6: The Genre of the Short Seminar Paper

Sample Seminar Papers  (5 essays: on course reserves)

Week 7 Th 10/13: Frankenstein essay due

Frankenstein essays due in hard copy and via email.
No reading assigned for this session.

Week 8 Th 10/20: Graduate Study & the Profession

Semenza, Graduate Study in the 21st Century (1-148)
Attend at least one Encountering Shakespeare event

Week 9 Th 10/27: Conference Proposals / Meet & Greet with Faculty

Sample Abstracts (course reserves)
Sano-Franchini, “Writing the Academic Conference Proposal
Writing Academic Proposals (OWL)
Semenza, Graduate Study in the 21st Century: 195-213

Week 10 Th 11/3: Professor giving paper at SLSA

Conference abstracts & bibliographic entry for book review due via email

Week 11 Th 11/10: Book Reviews
Semenza, Graduate Study in the 21st Century 219-220
Sample book reviews: Read this, this, this, this, this, and this review all of the same book: Jonathan Kramnick’s Actions and Objects from Hobbes to Richardson.

You might need to log onto the library’s website before clicking on those links. But if you’re research inclined — you’re looking for reviews of “Actions and Objects” that were written by Lake, Starr, Keiser, Wood, Landreth, and Walker.

In order to complete the email discussion, I recommend that you also access at least the last two issues of both Studies in Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies (two journals we subscribe to through a variety of databases), and pay attention not only to the articles that are appearing, but also to the books that are reviewed or received by these journals. You might also be inclined to investigate European Romantic Review, Romanticism, Romantic Circles Praxis Series (online only), and Nineteenth-Century Literature, among others. The really big journals in the entire field include PMLA, Critical Inquiry, New Literary History, Representations, MLQ, and English Studies; in British literature, specifically, the big journals are: ELH, RES, SEL, and Modern Philology.

Week 12 Th 11/17: Funding Proposals

Book Reviews due in hard copy and via email.
Sample funding proposals along with Benjy Kahan’s Big List of Grants and Fellowships (available here: sample-proposals)
Dr. Karen’s Foolproof Grant Template
Gillis, “Writing Proposals

Week 13 M 11/24: Thanksgiving Break

Week 14 Th 12/1: CVs, Websites, & Social Media

Funding proposals due in hard copy and via email.
Terman, “Personal Academic Websites
Whitson, “The Ins and Outs of a Professional Academic Website
Meyers, “Branding Yourself
Cordell, “How to Start Tweeting
Houston, “Creating and Maintaining Your CV
Semenza, Graduate Study for the 21st Century 288-291

Week 15 Th 12/8: CV / Personal website workshop

Bring a copy of your CV and have your website set up for viewing in class.

Finals Week:

Critical Essay revised into conference paper, with revised abstract due by Wednesday 12/14 at 12pm via email (as a Word attachment). Include the url for your personal website in the email for grading.