(subject to change)

Week 1: Politics and Revolution
T 8/30:
Introductions & overview of syllabus

Th 9/1:
Lecture for Unit 1 (Politics and Revolution)
Milton, Paradise Lost (excerpt) A920-924 (stop @ line 270)

Week 2: Politics and Revolution, continued
T 9/6:
Hobbes, The Leviathan (excerpt) A857-860
Milton, Areopagitica (excerpt) A910-A917

Th 9/8:
Katherine Philips, “Upon the Double Murder of King Charles” A893
John Wilmot, “A Satire on Charles II” A1196

Week 3: Politics and Revolution, continued & The Enlightenment
T 9/13:
Attend lecture by Aimee Marcereau DeGalan in the Stein Galleries (in the CAC)

Th 9/15:
Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel A1042-1056

Week 4: The Enlightenment, continued
T 9/20:
Lecture for Unit 2 (The Enlightenment)
Pope, Essay on Man (excerpt) A1406-1410
*Reflection Essay on Unit 1 due

Th 9/22:
Defoe, A True Relation of the Apparition… A1209-1213
Johnson, the Rambler No. 4 (excerpt) A1483-1486

Week 5: The Enlightenment, continued & Romanticism
T 9/27:
Johnson, The Dictionary (excerpt) A1495-1498
Smart, Jubilate Agno (excerpt) A1521-1522

Th 9/29:
Swift, excerpt from Gulliver’s Travels (“A Voyage to Laputa”): on course reserves

Week 6: Romanticism, continued
T 10/4:
Lecture for Unit 3 (Romanticism)
Keats, “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer” B434
— “On Seeing the Elgin Marbles” B440
*Reflection Essay on Unit 2 due

Th 10/6:
Preface to Lyrical Ballads (1800, 1802) B147-154
Wordsworth, “The Tables Turned” B144

Week 7: Romanticism, continued
T 10/11:
Shelley, “Mont Blanc” B395-397
Coleridge, “Kubla Kahn” B307-308
Byron, “Prometheus” B311-312
Exam #1 Review

Th 10/13:
Exam #1

Week 8: The Rise of the Middle Class
T 10/18:
Lecture for Unit 4 (The Rise of the Middle Class)
Defoe, Robinson Crusoe (excerpt from Ch. 4) A1218-1228
*Reflection Essay on Unit 3 due

Th 10/20:
Attend at least one talk or panel associated with the Encountering Shakespeare event

Week 9: The Rise of the Middle Class, continued
T 10/25:
Cowper, The Task (excerpt from Book I) A1572-1575
Duck, “The Thresher’s Labor:” on course reserves
Encountering Shakespeare summary due

Th 10/27:
class cancelled

Week 10: The Rise of the Middle Class, continued
T 11/1:
Blake, “The Chimney Sweeper” B65 and B68
Engels, “Condition of the Working Classes” B582-586
Swift, “Description of a City Shower” A1257-1258
Dickens, “Night Walks:”  on course reserves

Th 11/3:
Professor giving paper at SLSA
Use this day to catch up on the reading & prepare for next week

Week 11: Gender and Marriage
T 11/8:
Lecture for Unit 5 (Gender and Marriage)
Eliza Haywood, Fantomina A1432-1447
*Reflection Essay on Unit 4 due

Th 11/10:
Swift, “The Lady’s Dressing Room” A1260-1262
Montagu, “Reasons that Induced Dr. Swift…” A1426-1427

Week 12: Unit 6 (Colonialism and Empire)
T 11/15:
Rosetti, “Goblin Market” B840-847
Browning, “Porphyria’s Lover” B733-734

Th 11/17:
Lecture for Unit 6 (Colonialism and Empire)
James Thompson, “Rule, Britannia” A1475
Jefferson, “Declaration” A1564-1567
*Reflection Essay on Unit 5 due

Week 13: Colonialism and Empire
T 11/22:
Moraley, “The Infortunate” A1538-1540
Franklin, “Information” A1544-1547

Th 11/24:
Thanksgiving Break

Week 14: Colonialism and Empire, continued
T 11/29:
Prince, The History of Mary Prince B328-344

Th 12/1:
Barbauld, “Eighteenth Hundred and Eleven” B34-B39
Exam #2 Review

Week 15: Final Group Projects
T 12/6: Exam #2

Th 12/8: Work with your group on your board game (no formal class held this day)
*Reflection Essay on Unit 6 due via email by 11am.

Finals Week:
Th 12/15 10:15am –Board Games due during Final Exam period